Section 333 exemption or part 107 certification???

It is very important to understand which is right for your company in the long run before you commit resources and begin adopting new operating procedures.

Both sets of rules may bring your company added value the same time...limitations.

We can help you with this very important decision.

All pilots contracted through HDS are required to carry a valid drivers license, evidence of their FAA certification, and Hummingbird Drone Service ID.

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UAV scouting is a low cost, effective solution to finding what you need fast and efficiently.

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Drone legislation is rapidly evolving at both the federal and state level...and that will not change in the near future.

Hummingbird Drone Services LLC has been actively monitoring new legislation and providing feedback to law makers to produce quality legislation that works for businesses.

In return for your business, Hummingbird will continue to help shape good legislation...allowing businesses to create a safer workplace for employees with lower operating cost and higher efficiency.



Drone Services for Baton Rouge, LA & Surrounding Areas

​Helping companies with information...not just a pretty picture

  • ​remote pilot-in-command contracting
  • drone workplace in-sourcing
  • compliance help
  • ​feedback to law makers to promote quality legislation

Firefighters, police, and other first responders have adopted unmanned aerial systems to help save lives.

​Although Hummingbird Drone Services LLC is a responsible, liability insured company, it is strongly recommended that all parties involved in any UAS operation maintain proper insurance in the event of an unforeseen incident.

For some operations this may be on a case by case basis, while other operations may require a long term or annual policy.

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We can provide you with much more than a drone and pilot.

For companies looking to in-source drones into their everyday operations, Humingbird Drone Services LLC will work directly with training your operators one on one...transforming them into competent, FAA certified drone pilots.

​​​Hummingbird Drone Services LLC is a Louisiana based company providing commercial drone services to private land owners, businesses, and government agencies.  

We provide professional aerial inspections, surveys, and scouting in the areas of farming, real estate, construction, communications, transportation, and energy.

Our goal is to assist businesses with everything necessary to safely in-source unmanned aerial systems into the workplace.


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Energy and communication companies are accepting drones as the go to tool for inspection operations.

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Both buyers and sellers for real estate markets have embraced the use of drone technology.



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